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Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there!  Guys are lucky in that as they grow older they become more distinguished, and any woman will tell you her husband has never been more attractive than on the day he became a dad.  That being said, who doesn’t appreciate a tip or two about how to look your best in photos?

Here is a little tidbit from famous headshot photographer, Peter Hurley that you might enjoy…  Take a quick peek behind the lens at the funny (yet helpful) coaching he gives his clients before each shoot.  Be sure to stay tuned (or skip ahead) for examples at the end that show how his tips help you look your best in 2D…  It’s all about the jawline, people!


It can be challenging to imagine how different size prints and canvases will look on our walls.  Here is a little visual inspiration that can help you decide how large you want to go when you are decorating with photographs…

Remember to consider where you will be in a room when viewing a photograph.  An 11×14 might be OK in a hallway, but from the middle of a room it will disappear on your wall!

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I love how you can see how different size photographs look next to one another from across a room here…GO AHEAD,pin this

If you know where you would like to display a photograph, cut out a piece of newspaper or wrapping paper that is the size you are considering purchasing and hang it up in that spot.  How does it look?  You can also have a spouse or friend hold up a tape measure so you can view it from across the room.

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Happy decorating!



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I am just in love with this large display by Eden Lang (photographs by Kate Kunz).  These photographs are beautiful, and the way they compliment the space is even more perfect.

When you are planning a photo session, always think ahead and talk with your photographer about where you hope to display your photographs (even send a snapshot of the exact spot you would like to display them!).  It is amazing to see what can be created when clothing choices, colors, mood, composition, styling, and home decor are all considered together!

I have a dirty little secret…  I am a photographer.  I am a mom of two precious children.  And I have hard drives full of treasured photographs of my own family.

Phew, it feels good to get that out in the open…

All too often my own family pictures do not make it onto the walls, albums, and tabletops in my home. Can any of you relate? One of my new year’s resolutions is to remedy this little problem and inspire you do the same.

I am a visual person, so I have started looking for inspiration to help me display the photos I love in a way I love.  I’m going to share my findings and ideas with all of you along the way, so keep checking in with the blog!

Here is a favorite image to start out this new series…  I love so much about this display… the clean lines, the bold and yet serene look of the styling.  And I love the idea of warmly welcoming friends and family into a home with photographs!

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(photo via decorpad)

What are your main challenges when it comes to displaying and decorating with your own family photographs?  What questions or issues would you like help addressing?  Will this series be something that you will find helpful?  Please scroll down and post a question or comment below!