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“I carry you with me into the world, into the smell of rain & the words that dance between people & for me, it will always be this way, walking in the light, remembering being alive together.” – Brian Andreas

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Welcome to the world, sweet baby boy!  I have been photographing this lovely family for several years now and I adored helping them celebrate this little one’s arrival and documenting his glorious newness.  There was so much love to capture during their photo session, and I especially loved witnessing how loving and sweet big brother is with his new baby.

My oldest baby was born ten years ago today and she is at an age where she loves seeing pictures like this and hearing stories from when she was this little.  It is such a special gift we give our children to document their story, all the way from the beginning, and I feel so honored to get to help so many families do just this!

I hope everyone is having a cozy start to the new year!  Wishing you all good health and much happiness in 2018!

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“It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.” 
― Laura Ingalls Wilder

They say time is elastic, and time certainly bends in the days and weeks after a new baby arrives.  After each of my own children was born, I remember the paradoxical feeling that they were so very new, and yet life before they were born seemed like a completely different era.

Of course, this is a time of adjustment.  Lack of sleep, loads and loads of laundry…  As parents, we know there is an expanded sequence we step through that, if we are being honest, can be challenging for sure.  But our hearts and worlds are expanding as well, and somehow, we find ways to do (most of) it.

The part we most hope to remember though is the bliss of the divine moments that stand outside of time.  The simple magic of curling up with these warm bundles of hope and listening to their sweet sounds.  Watching the family care for and love their new baby.  Life in the nest can have moments so beautiful and so real, they can serve to inspire us through the uphill parts.  To tease out this feeling, isolate these beautiful bits, and focus simply on this pure sweetness amidst the rest…  The joy of photographing this is that we can help these times continue to exist outside of time.

I hope you enjoy this little peek into our session.  There was so much sweetness captured, and I have been getting to enjoy it a second time as I put together this beautiful family’s gallery.

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a photo session of a girl and her family in Old Town AlexandriaGO AHEAD,pin this
The wind was swirling and the sun was streaming through golden leaves as I walked this morning.  Fall is a photographer’s busy season. When my eyes grow weary from long editing sessions at my computer, I get out and pound the pavement.  I wake up my body with exercise and my mind with a good podcast.

One of my favorites to listen to lately has been Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations.  This morning in a discussion that referenced how authentic children are, Oprah remarked that “newborns come in trailing the breath of the angels”.  These words really resonated with me.  The divine authenticity of children is one of the reasons I love my job the most.

I think this sweet girl’s expression holds so much of the divine.  This photograph was taken near the end of a family session.  Not a mini session, but a full-length lifestyle photo session than ran close to 2 hours.

Sometimes parents worry about whether their children will cooperate for that long.  I always assure them that we will play and explore and move during our session and that children will, in fact, have ups and downs during our time together.  It is these ups and downs that allow me to document a glorious range of expressions and capture something deeper during a full-length session.

The parents I work with are infinitely polite and push on with a smile or a joke when they grow tired or restless or need a break.  But children, sweet authentic children, will simply wander off into their dad’s arms and take a break when they need one.  We can learn so much from these little creatures, don’t you think?

I adore this family so very much.  There is so much magic that happened during this particular session and it was difficult to choose just one image to share here, but this one especially resonated with me.  Wishing you all a happy Friday and a weekend filled with calm and cozy moments like these!

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a picture of a little girl and flowers at Green Spring Gardens in Alexandria VAGO AHEAD,pin thisI adored photographing this sweet girl and her beautiful family at Green Spring Gardens Park!  The sun was setting, the gardens were in bloom, and the scene was gorgeous… I cannot wait to show this family all that we captured!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!  The countdown is on to Thanksgiving, and I couldn’t be more thankful for all of you!  Have a great week and good luck riding out the sugar hangovers today!  😉


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