Ryann Colleen Photography

what to expect

my style

Laughing, playing, silliness... You can expect to have a splendid time during your session. A typical morning at home, an evening out on the town, or a jaunt to the park... I delight in helping families capture their beautiful lives together, in a way that differs from traditional portraiture.

My style is happy, clean, and expressive. My goal is to engage my littlest subjects so that I can capture them with their most authentic smiles and a full range of expressions, simply as they are. The end result? Honest images that are full of life and yet artistically refined or, as I like to think of them, “an ever-so-slightly prettier version of real.”

I am very flexible and know that sometimes children need extra time to warm up or change gears. I have a Masters Degree in Education and specialize in working with little people, which comes in handy as naptime approaches!

light matters

I like to utilize natural light whenever possible as it can produce a magical quality in photographs that is unparalleled. Sessions generally take place early or late in the day (the best light is typically 1-2 hours after sunrise or in the last hours of the day before sunset). Sessions typically last from 1-3 hours, with plenty of time for exploring, playing, and breaks.

at your home

Home holds so many familiar favorites, and I love documenting children in the place their story begins. Feel free to incorporate your child's favorite activities into our session; digging in the garden, icing cupcakes, reading favorite books, and painting en plein air are all fun for to photograph! When I arrive, please show me around so I can check out the light in different rooms and get to know you a little more! If you have any special things in your home that you would like to include in your photographs, please be sure to let me know.

out and about

Stepping out into the wide world can bring on an excitement in kids that is a delight to capture. Kayaking on the Potomac, eating ice cream cones in Old Town, or playing at the classic and colorful Glen Echo Park can be a ton of fun (which translates into great photographs!).

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